TSHA Business Management Committee


The purpose of the TSHA Business Management Committee is to provide guidance and support to members/clinicians in a variety of practice settings regarding issues of reimbursement, documentation, insurance changes and challenges for coverage (Medicare, MCO, etc.).  Our goal is to offer reimbursement and business-related resources and education to SLPs and AUDs across the state of Texas. Such efforts will be initially pursued through education courses, being involved at our state convention, and will be further pursued through the TSHA website and other networking opportunities throughout the state.


This committee consists of strong leaders from a variety of settings and populations, with business practice and reimbursement expertise to support the purpose of providing guidance and ongoing support to clinicians in a wide variety of practice settings, as a volunteer position.

The members will be diligently working to keep you updated with current business practice information, billing, reimbursement, and education. The 2022-2023 Members are: Mendi Lancaster, Stephanie O’Silas, Sara Newman, Carmen Vitton, Melissa Collier, Ashley Keenan, Diamond Sanchez, Monica Tullius, Sofia Fabi, Co-chair Pam Ragland and Co-chair Ronda Polansky.

Billing Resources for Audiology


Private Practice

If you build it, they will come." Most of us are familiar with this popular misquote from the movie Field of Dreams (the actual quote was "he will come"). It's an exciting thought: Give the people what they want, meet their needs, all while pursuing your dreams. In real life, establishing a small business requires a lot of preparation, planning and ongoing maintenance. Being a good clinician is not enough. Those who have established their own practices say that the other major requirement for success is business skill — and more of it than many of them expected they would need.


Telepractice Resources

Prior to the pandemic, Medicare and many private health plans did not cover telepractice services provided by both audiologists and SLPs. Medicare restrictions were waived, initially until the end of the public health emergency (PHE) (with a 151-day grace period). Legislation passed in December 2022 extended telehealth flexibilities—for Medicare only—through Dec. 31, 2024. Private insurers and Medicaid have unique requirements for coding, billing, and coverage of telepractice services, and may not follow the federal PHE or the extension.

Continuing Education

Continuing your education will make you more confident. When you develop the necessary skills to advance in your field, you feel more prepared to take on new tasks and opportunities. We all have the ethical responsibility not only to learn from but to also contribute to the total score of scientific knowledge when possible.

TSHA Conventions

Preventing Ethical Dilemmas
(TSHA Business management Committee Forum 2020)

Be Ethical and SMART with your Documentation and Billing
(TSHA Business Management Committee 2022 TSHA Convention)