About Us

Get to Know TSHA

The Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Association (TSHA) is a professional membership organization that is the recognized resource in Texas for:

  • Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and speech-language pathology assistants (SLPAs)
  • Audiologists
  • Students of speech-language pathology and audiology

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists are highly educated professionals who provide critical, life-changing help for hundreds of thousands of Texans of all ages and from all walks of life.

Our Mission

Empowering members to provide the highest quality, life-changing care for individuals with communication and related disorders.

Our Vision

Enhancing the Quality of Life for the Individuals We Serve

Our Purpose

  • Encourage and promote the role of the speech-language pathologist and audiologist as a professional in the delivery of clinical services to persons with communication disorders
  • Encourage basic scientific study of processes of individual human communication with special reference to speech, hearing, and language
  • Encourage clinical research and the interchange of information among speech-language pathologists and audiologists, and other professionals concerned with human communication and its disorders
  • Promote prevention of disorders of human communication
  • Provide continuing educational activities and opportunities for professional growth and fellowship
  • Promote the highest standards of preparation and practice in speech-language pathology and audiology
  • Promote public awareness and influence public opinions concerning the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology and the needs of persons with communication disorders
  • Encourage affiliation and cooperation with other persons and organizations having similar interests and objectives through legislative and professional advocacy

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Statement

TSHA promotes an environment of anti-racism and belonging by developing and operationalizing an organizational structure committed to the ongoing process of fostering an equitable, accessible, and inclusive professional community for an increasingly diverse TSHA membership.

We are dedicated to educating and empowering our membership as well as eliminating barriers and providing opportunities for current and future clinicians by encouraging culturally responsive education and clinical practices that honor culturally and linguistically diverse communities.