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Important Medicaid Update, 9.21.17
Important Medicaid Update, 5.17.17

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May/June 2014

April 2014: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Student Loan Repayment Program for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists: Read more here

April 9, 2014

Texas Higher Education Coordinting Board (THECB) Posts Loan Repayment Rules and Application on their Website

November 13, 2013

TSHA Executive Board commits $300,000 to jump start loan repayment bill SB 620 that passed during the 81st legislative session.

SB 620 authored by Senator Letica Van de Putte and sponsored by Representative Alma Allen became law on September 1, 2013.

  • No State funds were allocated by the legislature to pay for loans.
  • The bill does allow for gifts and other funding sources.
  • TSHA is developing plans to join with other donors to increase the amount of available funds beyond the $300,000 contribution. The Association hopes to at least double the amount of funds available by offering to match funds offered by other donor entities and individuals.
  • The Texas Council of Administrators in Special Education (TCASE) is joining with TSHA in supporting this funding effort.
  • TSHA is developing an organized fund raising effort to increase available funds – stay tuned as the plan is rolled out!
  • As many members will remember this same bill passed both the Senate and House two legislative sessions ago (2009), with funding of $7.5 million attached, only to be vetoed by Governor Perry because of issues in another bill that had been attached to our bill.
  • The TSHA Legislative Team is currently vetting Senators and Representatives to author/sponsor a funding bill in the 2015 Legislative Session.

Proposed rules for SB 620 were published by the Higher Education Coordinating Board in the Texas register and are se to be finalized at the April 2014 meeting of the HECB.

If the rules are inddeed finalized at the April meeting , applications for student loan repaymeny will become available in April, with an aplication deadline of June 15, 2014. 

**Donations are being accepted to increase the amount of funds available to be disbursed. To make a donation to the student loan repayment fund, click here.

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