Call for Executive Board Nominations

In the spring of 2023, Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Association (TSHA) members will elect a vice president (VP) for three of our six positions. Each VP works with committees and task forces that serve under them to meet goals and objectives to improve the lives of service providers and the communities we serve. All TSHA members are encouraged to recommend qualified persons or self-nominate for the following offices.

VP for Educational and Scientific Affairs

  • develops, coordinates, and implements educational programs for the membership;
  • provides forums for the presentation of scientific endeavors of members;
  • appoints chairs of designated standing committees.

VP for Research and Development

  • develops new topics of interest and ideas leading to the advancement of speech-language pathology and audiology;
  • promotes selected areas of interest that may include technology, administration, clinical technique, research, and education in the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology;
  • appoints chairs of designated standing committees.

VP for Social and Governmental Policy

  • develops activities relating to legislation and regulation;
  • coordinates with the Legislative Consultant and the Director of Legislation;
  • encourages affiliation between the association and other persons or organizations having similar legislative interests and objectives;
  • appoints chairs of designated standing committees.


  • Candidates for the office of vice president shall have been members of TSHA for at least three years and have had at least two years of experience at the TSHA task force/committee or Executive Council level, serving in the capacity as chair or councilor on at least one occasion. The vice president has a two-year term, plus time served as an elect between the election and taking office.
  • The nominator must receive the nominee’s permission to submit his/her name to the Nominating Committee.

Prior to submitting a nomination, please review the TSHA Executive Board Policies and Procedures. An organizational chart for the association can be found here.

For questions, please contact TSHA Nominations and Elections Chair Carolyn Perry at 806-743-9055 or

The deadline to apply is November 15. 

To apply, click here.