Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Association Political Action Committee (TSHA PAC)
Chair:  Michelle Mendietta – pac@txsha.org

The TSHA Political Action Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Political Action Committee (PAC)?
A PAC is a group that bands together under a unified mission to support candidates for public office. Operating as a non-profit, unincorporated and non-partisan group, a PAC can receive and distribute contributions to election campaigns. A PAC can only solicit
contributions from individuals associated with a specific organization/association.

A PAC gives an organization greater ability to advocate before elected officials and in state capitols. It provides the resources to hold elected officials accountable. PACs are identified with a core set of issues that the sponsoring organization seeks to advance.

What is the mission of TSHA PAC?
The TSHA PAC is a group of speech-language pathologists and audiologists who operate as a separate legal entity from the Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Association (TSHA) which can receive and distribute contributions to Texas election campaigns.

The mission of the TSHA PAC is to support legislative candidates for state office whose records and policy positions demonstrate an understanding of our fields, and those in a position to further the goals of TSHA in the areas of licensure, education, and healthcare.

Why does TSHA need a PAC?
Bi-annually in Texas, legislation is enacted that greatly impacts members of our profession and individuals with speech, language and hearing disorders. It has become more and more evident over the years that financial support through campaign donations to legislators who are not only in a position to assist our professions but also devote time and effort to support our cause is increasingly important.

With Sunset Review upon us, the efforts of the TSHA PAC are more critical than ever.

How much money can I give to the TSHA PAC?
The TSHA PAC can accept cash contributions up to $100. There is no limit to a contribution made by check or credit card. All contributions to the TSHA PAC must be given from personal funds. No corporate contributions are accepted.

Are PAC contributions voluntary?
Contributions to the TSHA PAC are voluntary and do not affect one’s standing in any professional organization.

Where do contributions go and how are those funds used?
Contributions to the TSHA PAC are used to create a collective political force that can influence social and governmental policy dealing with the issues relating to our professions by way of donations to election campaigns. We contribute to candidates who share our concerns on matters such as licensure, education, and health care.

These issues do not divide neatly among party line and as a result, donations are made to election campaigns of candidates who are in a position to support our professions. The TSHA PAC does not give by party affiliations but rather to candidates who support TSHA and who are in a position to help our mission.

Why should I give to the TSHA PAC vs. making a personal contribution to
a particular candidate?
The TSHA PAC carefully considers each candidate before making a contribution to their campaign. By pooling resources, we have the ability to have a strong, effective voice as we further the mission of our professions and voice our concerns regarding pending changes.

Are there rules I need to be aware of when talking about or soliciting funds for the TSHA PAC at my workplace?
Ensure that your place of work is aware and in agreement of your efforts to solicit funds and share information on behalf of the TSHA PAC.

Can anyone ask for contributions or ask for support on behalf of the TSHA PAC?
TSHA PAC contributions may be solicited from TSHA members only.

Will my contribution to the TSHA PAC be reported?
The Texas Election Code requires that the TSHA PAC report the name, address, and dates of the contributions from each person that exceed $50 and that are accepted during the reporting period.

How can I support the TSHA PAC?
You can support the TSHA PAC by contributing money, volunteering your time and helping share the mission of TSHA and the TSHA PAC.