2014 Convention Handouts
Date File
2014-06-02 Moorer-Cook, Laura - Childhood Apraxia of Speech or Not: How to Treat Effectively Details
2014-06-02 Palafox, Phuong - Poverty in Texas & Effective Speech & Language Strategies Details
2014-06-02 Pearson, Donise - Ethical Leadership for SLPs and Audiologists Details
2014-06-02 Pimentel, Whitney - Oral Placement Therapy: Effective Treatment Strategies Details
2014-06-02 Popp, Lani - JUST USE YOUR WORDS: Social Skills and Pragmatic Language Skills in Autism Details
2014-06-02 Popp, Lani - The Active Concert: Using music to improve language in individuals with Autism Details
2014-06-02 Prath, Scott - Reduce Workload and Improve Campus Relationships: Streamlining the RtI Process Details
2014-06-02 Prelock, Patricia - Intervention planning and implementation: Part 1 Details
2014-06-02 Prelock, Patricia - Intervention planning and implementation: Part 2 Details
2014-06-02 Prelock, Patricia - Inspiring Leadership and Advocacy: Strategies for Member Success Details
2014-06-02 Pretti-Frontczak, Kristie - Individualizing Instruction for Children with Diverse Abilities Details
2014-06-02 Reed, Patricia G. - Practical Ideas for Providing Group Therapy Services for Those Who Stutter Details
2014-06-02 Reed, Stephanie - Strengthening your core: Building vocabulary muscles for stability Details
2014-06-02 Reynolds, Jenny - Implementing oral care and free water protocol studies in acute care Details
2014-06-02 Reynolds, Keri - BRIDGE to Better Communication: Assisting with Early Intervention Details
2014-06-02 Rochester, Breanne - Skilled, Savvy, Speech-language Supplements for Student Clinicians Details
2014-06-02 Rollins, Pamela - Bridging the Gap: Social Thinking and Communication Development Details
2014-06-02 Sankovich, Kristin - Where Communication and Reading Difficulties Meet: Details
2014-06-02 Saterbak, Rebecca - Using Music Therapy Techniques in the Rehabilitation Setting: Details
2014-06-02 Saterbak, Rebecca - Using Music Therapy Techniques in the Rehabilitation Setting:Focus on Speech-Lan Details
2014-06-02 Sauermilch, Willow - Designing 21st Century Therapy Programs Integrating Evidence-Based Practices, A Details
2014-06-02 Schaper, Rae - Reading + Repetition = Language Development for Young Children Details
2014-06-02 Schmadeke, Stephanie - A Comprehensive Wellness Approach to Managing Chronic Aphasia Details
2014-06-02 Six, Angela - The Enlightened Therapist: Creating a Productive Therapy Session in a Natural Enviro. Details
2014-06-02 Smith, Sara - Expanding Expression: Multisensory Strategies for Improved Oral and Written Language Details
2014-06-02 Snyder, Amber - Advancements in Stuttering Treatments Details
2014-06-02 Sullivan, Holly - Incorrect Swallow /Reverse Swallow Therapy Techniques for Children and Adolescents Details
2014-06-02 Sweeney, Melissa - Auditory Verbal Intervention for Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Details
2014-06-02 Tarnow, Jay - New Technologies to Better Select Psychotropic Medications for Neuroatypical Children Details
2014-06-02 Thiessen, Amber - Selecting Optimal Visual Scenes for People with Aphasia Details
2014-06-02 Tonini, Ross - Cochlear Implantation following surgical resection of tumors in Neurofibromatosis Details
2014-06-02 Toombs, Margo - Lights, Camera, Action: Social Skills Movies & Beyond Details
2014-06-02 Ubels, Anna - Language Intervention for School-Age Children with Down Syndrome Details
2014-06-02 Wiechmann, JoAnn - Cross Battery Assessment 3: Implications for the SLP Details
2014-06-02 Wiley, Kay - The LOUD Crowd® : Successful Group Voice Therapy Maintenance in Parkinson Disease Details
2014-06-02 Williams, Lindsey - Cultural and Language Considerations for Working with Interpreters Details
2014-06-02 Wilson, Mary Sweig - Establishing the Language Foundation for Developing a Theory of Mind (ToM) Details
2014-06-02 Worthington, Theresa - Goal Writing for Students Details
2014-06-02 Worthington, Theresa - Working Memory Test: Comparison of Adult Performance in Quiet and Two-Talker Details
2014-06-02 Yaruss, J Scott - School-Age Stuttering: A Practical Approach Part 1 Details
2014-06-02 Zimmermann, Dottie - Stories That Come Alive! Storytelling Magic in the Early Childhood Classroom Details
2014-06-02 Zupancic, Steven - Current Trends in Pediatric and Adult Vestibular Function Details
2014-05-30 Altuna, Dianne - Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome/22q11.2 DS and the Speech Pathologist Details
2014-05-30 Altuna, Dianne - Velopharyngeal Dysfunction in the population with and without a cleft palate Details
2014-05-30 Arnold, Stacie - The Art of ARDs: Parents and Advocates Details
2014-05-30 Atkinson, Allie - Passy-Muir Valve Center of Excellence: Putting your facility on the map. Details
2014-05-30 Attaway, D. Renee - Social Thinking: Thinking About You Thinking About Me Details
2014-05-30 Avey, Darren - Teaching Desired Behaviors Through Video Modeling Details
2014-05-30 Bergan, Christine - Application of Motor Learning Principles to Assessment and Treatment of Voice Di Details
2014-05-30 Blanchet, Paul - Motor Speech Disorders in Adults: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Considerati Details
2014-05-30 Branham, Mimi - Managing Managed Medicaid Details
2014-05-30 Brin, Nicole - Preparing high functioning students with ASD for transition beyond high school Details
2014-05-30 Brock, Kristofer - Improving Academic and Clinical Writing Skills of SLP Students Details
2014-05-30 Bryant, Cheval - Quality Goal Writing From Beginning to End Details
2014-05-30 Bryant, Cheval - The Workload Approach Redefined Details
2014-05-30 Buhrmann, Jennifer - That's My Bag: Must Have Supplies for Therapy Details
2014-05-30 Butkus, Shannon - Healthcare Exchanges: What you need to know Details
2014-05-30 Butkus, Shannon - Navigating Medicaid Managed Care Organizations Details
2014-05-30 Carter, James (Jim) - Panacea or Snake Oil, Making Evidence Based Decisions to Address Language Details
2014-05-30 Cato, Jamie - Emotional Regulation: What is it and What Can I Do About It Details
2014-05-30 Cato, Jamie - Who Knew Play was So Complicated?! Development and Facilitation of Play Details
2014-05-30 Christiana, Diana - Are You Ready to "Tele"Practice? Variables Affecting Clinical Services Details
2014-05-30 Cizek, Laura - Resources for the Clinical Supervisor Details
2014-05-30 Cochran, Lorraine - School-Age Language and Executive Skills Therapy: Beyond Worksheets and Board Ga Details
2014-05-30 Cooprider, Melissa - SKILL: A practical and fun approach for Executive Function skills Details
2014-05-30 Corwin, Melinda - Blue Moons and Stepping Stones: Facilitating Aphasic Communication through Communi Details
2014-05-30 Crawford, Jennifer - The Seven Core Skills in Educating Children on the Autism Spectrum Details
2014-05-30 Crow, Suzanne - Clinical Supervision and Mentoring 101 Details
2014-05-30 Daniels, Stephanie - Swallowing Screening in Stroke: Evidence Update Details
2014-05-30 Deeken, Laura - Speech & Language with a Twist of Literacy Details
2014-05-30 Dehgan, Michelle - Dysphagia Detective Details
2014-05-30 Domaschk, Vickie - Getting Started with Augmentative and Alternative Communication in the School Set Details
2014-05-30 Domsch, Celeste - Collaborative Reading Fluency Intervention That Works: Small and Steady Gains Details
2014-05-30 Domsch, Celeste - Exploring Expository Language: Why It Matters and How to Develop It Details
2014-05-30 Dupre, Nicole - From Tantrums to "Talking": Expanding the Communication Repertoire of Early Communic Details
2014-05-30 Famiglietti, Lisa - Expanding Your Private Practice with Medicare Enrollment Details
2014-05-30 Fernandez, Mary Ruth - Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students: What are we assessing? Details
2014-05-30 Fleck, Christy - Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI): A Guide for the SLP Details
2014-05-30 Flowers, Anise - Using CELF-5 to Make Appropriate Recommendations for Students Struggling in the Cla Details
2014-05-30 Garfield, Rochelle - The SLP's Role in Identifying Students at Risk for Dyslexia Details
2014-05-30 Geurin, Angela - Ethical Considerations for Telepractice Details
2014-05-30 Giesecke, Kay - Diagnostic and Treatment Differences between Severe Articulation & Phonology Disorde Details
2014-05-30 Giesecke, Kay - Trash to Treasure Activities and Reusable Crafts for Speech-Language Therapy Details
2014-05-30 Gill, Cindy - Ethics: It's No Laughing Matter Details
2014-05-30 Gustafson, Monica - Tell Me A Story: Using Storytelling to Develop Language Details
2014-05-30 Gustafson, Tori - Exploring the Functionality of a Functional Listening Evaluation Details
2014-05-30 Gutierrez, Carolyn - Is There an App for That? Modifying iPad Applications for Diverse Populations Details
2014-05-30 Hannebaum, Jill - Creating “FUN”ctional Communication Opportunities with Low Tech AAC Details
2014-05-30 Holland, Beth - Administer, Score, and Interpret the Clinical Assessment of Articulation Details
2014-05-30 Holland, Beth - Assessing Receptive & Expressive Vocabulary with the MAVA® Details
2014-05-30 Ivey, Michelle - Earliest Detection of Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Screenings and Details
2014-05-30 Johnston, Melanie - Don't Just Customize, Personalize with Autis-Mate Details
2014-05-30 Johnston, Melanie - Building Communication Independence and Capacity in Adults with IDD Details
2014-05-30 Joseph, Rosanne - Telepractice as a Service Delivery Option Details
2014-05-30 Kelley, Kristina - Does your oral care program need a face lift? Details
2014-05-30 Kester, Ellen - Are His Errors Due to Native Language Influence? Details
2014-05-30 Kester, Ellen - Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Language Eligibility Manual Training Details
2014-05-30 Lee, Shannah - Just a Shelf of Stories: Targeting Language and Articulation Details
2014-05-30 Lehman Blake, Margaret - Social Media: An Ethical Issue for Speech-Language Pathologists? Details
2014-05-30 Lehman Blake, Margaret - Visuospatial neglect: Update on the disorder and evidence based practice Details
2014-05-30 Levitt, June - Assessment of voice with FREE downloadable software programs Details
2014-05-30 Lu, Fang-Ling - UNT Grand Rounds in Voice Disorders- Assessment and Treatment Details
2014-05-30 Lu, Fang-Ling - UNT Grand Rounds in Childhood Motor Speech Disorders- Assessment and Treatment Details
2014-05-30 Marler, Jeffrey Allen - Storytelling and video monitoring fosters language and perspective taking in Details
2014-05-30 Marting, Katherine - Curriculum-Based Intervention: A Panel of Therapy Approaches for the Schools Details
2014-05-30 Meyer, Jennifer - In The Thick of It – Thickening in Dysphagia Details
2014-05-30 Meyer, Jennifer - Using Touch to Change Lives in the NICU and Beyond Details
2014-05-30 Milliken, Lisa - Ethics in Professional Practice Details