Poster Presentations

Traditional Posters

Thursday March 1, 1:30 pm-2:30 pm
Friday March 2, 11:00 am- 12:15 pm

Audiology/Hearing Impaired
Can You Hear My Age? Age Perception through Visual & Auditory Cues
Primary Presenter: Itzel G Mercado
Co-Presenters: Jenapher Canales; Sumalai Maroonroge, Ph.D

Hearing Aid Use Among Hispanics Living in the U.S. Borderland Region
Primary Presenter: Myranda Erickstad
Co-Presenters: Loren Renee Sotelo, UTEP NSSLHA; Jamie Desjardins
Priming of Part-Whole Relationships using Lexical-Semantic Networks in Children with Cochlear Implants
Primary Presenter: Joshua Rucker
Co-Presenters: Emily Lund
Speech Recognition and Listening Effort in Bilinguals’ L1 and L2
Primary Presenter: Elisa Guadalupe Barraza
Co-Presenters: Jordan Allyssabeth Orozco; Jamie Desjardins
Speech-Language Interventions for Children with Cochlear Implants: Two Case Studies
Primary Presenter: Melissa Perez Garcia
Visual Phonics for Speech Intelligibility of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Primary Presenter: Terri Lynn Malone

Augmentative Communication/Multihandicapped

Implementation of Low-technology AAC Core Boards in Life Skills Classrooms
Primary Presenter: Katie Russell



A Comparison of Generalization Strategies to Support Parent Training
Primary Presenter: Emma Carlson
Co-Presenters: Danielle Brimo

Impact of Early Literacy Intervention for a Preschooler with a Language Disorder
Primary Presenter: Tamantha Brooks
Co-Presenters: Laura Green

Intervention Fidelity in a Parent-Mediated Early Intervention Program for Toddlers with Autism
Primary Presenter: Shruthi Ravi
Co-Presenters: Pam Rollins
Lexical Choice and Sense-making in Preschool Story Re-telling
Primary Presenter: Eva Nwokah
Co-Presenters: Erin Morrison; Sarah Rodriguez; Lauren Danielle; Luna Kingsville; Casey Lynn Taliancich-Klinger

Language Learning Disabilities

Diagnostic Accuracy of CELF-P2 and BESA in Spanish-English Bilingual Children
Primary Presenter: Juliana Ronderos
Co-Presenters: Ioana Zaharia; Anny Castilla-Earls
Early Literacy and Language Treatment Approach: Enhancing Expressive Language and Literacy Skills
Primary Presenter: Lirys Stoja Garcia
Educators and Parents Experience with Memory Skills in Children with Autism
Primary Presenter: Ruth Crutchfield
Co-Presenters: Grecia Valeria Elizondo; Marcie Stephanie Garza; Valeria Quintanilla
Effectiveness of Lexical Humor Intervention for a Seventh Grader with Autism
Primary Presenter: Alyssa Renee Tello
Language Skills of TD and Second-language Influenced Children at Risk for LI
Primary Presenter: Casey Lynn Taliancich-Klinger
Primary Language Impairment and School-age Reading Miscues and Parent Feedback
Primary Presenter: Danielle Brimo

Raising a Service Dog in a Special School; Animal Assisted Learning
Primary Presenter: Heather G Hillery, MS Ed, CCC-SLP
Temporal Processing and Language Processing: Investigating Main and Moderating Effects
Primary Presenter: Traci B. Fredman
The Effect of Dual Coding Intervention on Standardized Test Scores in Reading
Primary Presenter: Lydia P Richardson
Co-Presenters: Nicole Pennington; Ashlynn Brown; Sarah Barnhill
University Student’s Awareness of Child Tantrums Versus Meltdowns in Children with Autism
Primary Presenter: Karla Cecilia Nieto
Co-Presenters: Ana Lisa Moreno ; Ruth Crutchfield
Word Morphing: A Treatment Study of a Language Impaired 9th Grade Student
Primary Presenter: Rebecca Steele
Co-Presenters: Laura Green

Medical Speech Pathology

Bringing Standardized Protocols into the Acute Care/Rehab Setting
Primary Presenter: D. Robin Sydow Ardoin, M.A., CCC-SLP
Experiences of Certified Nursing Assistants Caring for Persons with Dementia
Primary Presenter: Jamie Hartwell Azios
Co-Presenters: Stephanie Richings
Intensive Language Treatment in One Individual with Multiple Linguistic Deficits
Primary Presenter: Alisa Woods
Co-Presenters: Lauren Elise Jackson; Kelci Esser

La BAMBA (Bilingual Aphasia Multisensory Battery Assessment)
Primary Presenter: Teri Mata-Pistokache
Co-Presenters: Ivon Navit Ramirez; Nicole Marie Rivas; Analisa Lopez; Alexandra Rosas

Language Development in Epileptic Conditions
Primary Presenter: Abigail Ruth Elmore
Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy in Patients with Acute Neurologic Injury
Primary Presenter: Lauren Jade Alexander Woellner
Co-Presenters: Anna Marie Nodecker; Vanessa Renee McCullah

SPPARCing a Conversation: Partner Training Programs in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
Primary Presenter: Jamie Hartwell Azios
Co-Presenters: Mary Katherine Wyatt; Chelsea Danielle Lyles; Ashley L Dockens

The Show Must Go On: Surgical Rehabilitation of an Opera Singer
Primary Presenter: Ashwini Joshi
Co-Presenters: Teresa Procter
Vocal Habits and Factors Affecting Voice Use in Educators
Primary Presenter: Ashwini Joshi
Co-Presenters: Celene Marie Layda Morales

Professional Concerns

An Interprofessional Team Approach to Training Cultural Competence in Healthcare Students
Primary Presenter: Terry Baggs
Co-Presenters: Heather Guest, Amy Kalb, Wayne Paris; Donna Paris

Bringing Speech-Language Pathology to Belize: From Concept to Courses
Primary Presenter: Melissa Perez Garcia

Examining the Relationship between Supervisor's Source of Power and Leadership Style
Primary Presenter: Dora Elia Vargas-Bustos, Ph.D, CCC-SLP
From the Classroom to the CSD Clinic: A Student’s Struggle
Primary Presenter: Rosa Robledo
Improving Communication Between Law Enforcement and Autism Spectrum Disorders in Hispanic Communities
Primary Presenter: Annette Marie Cano
Co-Presenters: Ruth Crutchfield
Interprofessional Collaboration: Transitioning from Tube-feeding to Oral Feedings in Long-term Care Facilities
Primary Presenter: Ruth Crutchfield
Co-Presenters: Patricia Dominga Mejorado
Perceptions of Communication Disorders and Needs for Speech Services in Foreign Countries
Primary Presenter: Olivia Wolfe
Co-Presenters: Emily Reeves

Education professionals' perceptions of speech and language disorders in countries ranked low, medium, high, and very high according to the United Nations Health Development Index and the need for intervention services: How do they compare?
Primary Presenter: Lydia P Richardson
Co-Presenters: Emily Reeves; Olivia Wolfe; Tara Ramsey

Practitioners Explicit Syntax Knowledge
Primary Presenter: Danielle Brimo

Structured Graduate Student Reflections
Primary Presenter: Casey Lynn Taliancich-Klinger
Co-Presenters: Naomi Arcos Hernandez

The Graduate Applicant Interview: To Be or Not To Be?
Primary Presenter: Christine Carmichael
Co-Presenters: Karen Blaesing

Using Social Media to Enhance Learning
Primary Presenter: Melissa Perez Garcia


Early Speech Production Outcomes in Young Children with Hearing Loss
Primary Presenter: Hoyoung Yi

Increasing Verbal Communication Using Sentence Completion in AOS
Primary Presenter: Angela J Van Sickle
Co-Presenters: James Dembowski

Long Neck Karen: Perception and Acoustic Analysis
Primary Presenter: Martha Vasquez

Purdue Pegboard Test Performance: Adults who do and do not stutter
Primary Presenter: Danielle Werle
Co-Presenters: Courtney T Byrd; Zoi Gkalitsiou

The Therapeutic Alliance in Stuttering Treatment: Clinician-client Perspectives and Outcomes
Primary Presenter: Robyn Lindsey Croft
Co-Presenters: Jennifer B. Watson, Dr.

Using Technology to Enhance Communication: A Case Study
Primary Presenter: Melissa Perez Garcia
Voice Disorders in School-Aged Children in the Rio Grande Valley
Primary Presenter: Donald Ray Fuller
Co-Presenters: Lizbeth Martinez

Student Interests

The Dialects of Texas A&M International University

Primary Presenter: Melissa Perez Garcia