Donate to the TSHA Political Action Committee

Contributions to the TSHA PAC are used to create a collective political force that can influence social and governmental policy dealing with the issues relating to our professions by way of donations to election campaigns. We contribute to candidates who share our concerns on matters such as licensure, education, and health care.

These issues do not divide neatly among party line and as a result, donations are made to election campaigns of candidates who are in a position to support our professions. The TSHA PAC does not give by party affiliations but rather to candidates who support TSHA and who are in a position to help our mission.

TSHA Political Action Committee Donation
TSHA Political Action Committee Donation

The TSHA PAC is a group who bands together under a unified mission to support candidates for public office.  Operating as a non-profit, unincorporated and non-partisan group, the TSHA PAC distributes contributions to election campaigns.  The TSHA PAC can ONLY solicit contributions from individuals associated with TSHA.

The TSHA PAC contributions allow TSHA to gain access to legislative decision makers so TSHA can inform legislators of the importance of our professions.  The TSHA PAC allows YOU to have a VOICE in the Texas Legislature regarding issues that influence YOUR profession.