Current Legislative Activity

Pertaining to the 86th Legislative Session (2019), all bills filed and their status, bill content and amendments, status of bills passed or failed, etc. may be found at

Texas Legislature Online:

The TSHA Legislative Team is currently monitoring 60+ bills that have been filed to date. TSHA’s position on some of these:

Senate Bill 3 (Senator Jane Nelson):  Relating to additional funding to school districts for classroom teacher salaries

TSHA Position:  Support SB3 but requesting that SLP’s SLP-A’s and Audiologist be included in the bill. TSHA supports HB3 (Dan Huberty) the House’s version addressing school finance of public education.

House Bill 706 (Representative Diego Bernal):  Relating to the eligibility of certain children with hearing impairments for audiology services under the school health and related services program.

TSHA Position:  Support HB 706

House Bill 787 and Senate Bill 539 (Representative Sarah Davis/Senator Nathan Johnson):  Relating to a study on the state certification of music therapists.

TSHA Position: Oppose HB 787 and SB 539

A variety of bills address the Teacher Retirement System (TRS):

  • HB183 (Representative Stephenson): Pension revenue enhancement plan for TRS
  • HB 426 (Representative A. Allen): Addresses benefits paid by TRS
  • HB597 (Representative Munoz): TRS Cost-of-living
  • SB252 (Senator Fallon): Teacher retirement Cost-of-living adjustments
  • SB 393 (Senator J. Huffman): Contributions to the Teacher Retirement

TSHA Position: Support for all above TRS-related bills

House Bill 437 (Representative Shaheen): Addresses Medicaid Managed Care organizations

TSHA Position:  Oppose HB 437

House Bill 870 (Representative F. Price): Addresses Medicaid Telemedicine telehealth services

TSHA Position:  Support HB 870

House Bill 1395 (Representative R. Reynolds):  Addresses Medicaid reform and alternatives

TSHA Position: Support HB 1395

House Bill 1430 (Representative Guerra):  Addresses termination by managed care organizations (MCO)

TSHA Position: Support HB 1430

House Bill 1738 (Representative R. Guillen):  Addresses Telehealth home telemonitoring services

TSHA Position: Monitoring

House Bill 2221 (Representative R. Raymond):  Addresses Single Internet portal for Medicaid

TSHA Position: Support HB2221

House Bill 2255 (Representative D. Darby):  Addresses sharing information on newborn infant hearing screening

TSHA Position: Support HB 2255

Your TSHA Legislative Team

Sheryl Berg, VP for Social and Governmental Policy

Larry Higdon, Director, Governmental Relations

Mark Hanna, TSHA Attorney/Legislative Advisor