Speaker Coaching Page

New to public speaking or presenting at TSHA for the first time? Or maybe just looking for tips to improve your confidence and get your message across? The tips are made available to all TSHA members to help you stand up and stand out!

Preparing for Your Session

How do I prepare?

  • Am I dressed professionally?
  • Do I have a glass of water handy?
  • Do I know anyone who will be in the audience?
  • Am I familiar with the event space?

How do I prepare my presentation?

  • Is the beginning of the presentation interesting? Middle? End?
  • Do I know it well enough to not need notes?
  • Does the flow lend itself naturally?
  • Is anything unclear to someone unfamiliar with the topic?

How do I prepare my speech?

  • Am I making eye contact naturally?
  • Am I speaking clearly and slowly enough to understand?
  • Am I engaging the audience?
  • Have I allowed time for questions?


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