A Brief Overview of Rules and the Law as they Pertain to Telepractice

In the state of Texas speech pathologists and audiologists must have a license to practice. The rules to have a license and practice as a speech language pathologist and/or audiologist are developed by the State Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology(SBOE.) These rules are referred to in the law.

  1. The state of Texas has laws
  2. Texas has laws to protect the consumers of services
  3. To protect consumers regarding public health, Texas has examining boards to define each public health profession.  They determine the rules and regulations that the members of the profession must follow.
  4. Texas Law has ADMINISTRATIVE CODES for each of the examining boards to follow.  This is addressed in Title 22 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC.)
  5. Under Title 22 there are Parts addressing each public health examining board.
  6. Part 32 is the State Board of examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.
  7. Part 32 has one chapter, Chapter 741-Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists.
  8. Chapter 741 has subchapters A thru O.
  9. Subchapter O deals with TELEHEALTH.
  10. Under Subchapter O there are 6 sections. They are as follows:
    741.211   Definitions Relating to Telehealth
    741.212   Service Delivery Models of Speech-Language Pathologists
    741.213   Requirements for the Use of Telehealth by Speech-Language Pathologists
    (section (h) of 741.213 is the amended rule regarding the initial contact.)
    741. 214   Limitations on the Use of Telecommunications Technology by Speech-Language Pathologists
    741.215  Requirements for Providing Telehealth Services in Speech-Language Pathology
    741.216 Requirements for Providing Telepractice Services in Audiology
    In addition,
  11. Texas law has OCCUPATION CODES. The purpose of these codes is to define the profession and the practices allowed by the profession. The rules and regulations defined by the board of examiners protect the public by assuring that only licensed professionals sanctioned through their board are permitted to practice. For the public’s protection, the license and a resource for complaints are to be displayed at the source of the service.
  12. Title 3 of the Texas Occupations Code (TOC) is for Health Professions.
  13. Title 3, Subtitle G is for Professions Related to Hearing, Speech, and Dyslexia.
  14. CHAPTER 401 of Subtitle G is specific to Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists.
  15. Chapter 401, Section 405 specifically deals with Telepractice (Telehealth.)

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